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SIU Music Student sitting in front of Altgeld
SIU Marching Salukis
SIU Altgeld Hall
SIU Students sing in a Choir
SIU Student plays a Violin

Our Mission

The School of Music is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through the development of an art which enables the individual to find meaning and fulfillment as an educated member of society, as an expressive human being, and as an artist. This mission is primarily fulfilled by providing educational opportunities which prepare students for graduation with Bachelor's or Master's degrees and careers in music or music-related fields.

The School of Music strives to advance the art of music by promoting the research/creative activities of its students and faculty. It also seeks to enrich the lives of all members of the University and the region by means of a continuing program of concerts, educational offerings, scholarly/artistic exchanges, and outreach programs.


Southern Illinois University Carbondale is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. It received its accreditation in November 1950, and is a member in good standing of:

National Association of Schools of Music
11250 Roger Bacon Drive—Suite 21
Reston, Virginia 20190-5248

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