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Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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SIU International Guitar Festival 2022

September 20th—22nd

Dr. Dick Kelley, Director
SIU School of Music

Dr. Isaac Lausell, Artistic Director
SIU International Guitar Festival

Isaac Lausell

Message from Dr. Lausell

We are back with the 8th edition of the SIU International Guitar Festival and we could not be more excited. This edition is dedicated to both the classical and popular traditions of the guitar in Brazil.

While the guitar still remains a very popular musical instrument there are certain cultures that have been pillars of its history and musical development. Spain and Italy come to mind as the places of inception for the guitar where the transformation from the Arabic Oud into our beloved fretted chordophone took place. We associate classical and romantic music with Italy and France, Flamenco with Spain, Bossa Nova with Brazil, Jazz, Blues and Rock with the U.S. however there is much more going on in each place. Nuances and additional traditions that forged the guitar into the instrument that we know nowadays.

An SIU favorite, professor Moacyr Teixeira Neto from Espirito Santo, Brazil will be returning to our festival to perform, teach and present his new guitar book as well as to premiere a concerto by celebrated Italo-Brazilian composer Marcus Vinicius.

This year we are fortunate to partner with the SIU Library to host Mr, Franco Galvaõ from Saõ Paulo, Brazil. Francisco is a wonderful guitarist devoted to the popular musical idioms of Brazil whom will also be performing, teaching and researching our music collection by Brazilian composer Oswaldo Gogliano, better known as Vadico.

Who is this festival for? Anyone who loves guitar music! We have activities suitable for professional musicians, aspiring guitar students, weekend warriors and anybody that simply enjoys good music.

Stay healthy, stay safe and see you soon,

—Dr. Isaac Lausell

Featured Artists

Franciso Galvaõ

  • Professional Guitarist & Researcher

Prof. Moacyr Teixeria Neto

  • Guitar professor at Faculdade de Música do Espírito Santo Mauricio di Oliveira
  • Director of Acordes Centro de Música e Artes

Dr. Isaac Lausell

  • Artistic Director
    (Classical & Jazz Guitar, Composition)

 Costs & Registration

  • 2-day pass plus opening Gala: Includes admission to all concerts, lectures and master classes during the entire festival - $35
  • 1-day pass: Includes admission to all concerts, lectures and master classes for the festival on either 9/21 or 9/22 - $20 
  • Single event pass: This is good for a single admission to a master class, a lecture or a recital. $10 - general audience/ $5 students.
  • ALL EVENTS are free to students, faculty and staff of the SIU School of Music.
  • The lecture on the 20th with Franco Galvaõ will be free of cost.
  • If you have a high school or middle school music program and would like to be sponsored to attend the festival, contact Dr. Lausell for more information at

Register (cash or check) at the door or send us a check payable to “Southern Illinois University.” Specify “SIU International Guitar Festival” in the memo line and enclose the provided form specifying event(s) for which you are registering. Mail completed form with check to:

Attn: Betty Johnson
Southern Illinois University—School of Music
1000 South Normal Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901

Donations & Sponsorship

We have opportunities for local and national businesses and enterprises interested in sponsoring the guitar festival. For more details about the sponsorship levels, contact Dr. Lausell at