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Franco Galvão

Franco Galvão

Professional Guitarist & Researcher

Franco Galvão is a Brazilian musician who has been developing projects with great conceptual density, in historical, social and aesthetic points of view. Arranger, producer and composer, Franco has performed in many countries and festivals. In 2019, recorded an album at the one of the most important ECM studios, the prestigious Rainbow Studio, in Oslo, Norway. In 2021, the musician was awarded from São Paulo State Culture Department for his achievements and contributions to Brazilian music. 

For more: https://francogalvao.com/bio/

Prof. Moacyr Teixeria Neto

Prof. Moacyr Teixeria Neto

Guitar Professor, Faculdade de Música do Espírito

Award-winning guitarist Moacyr Teixeira Neto is one of Brazil’s most prized guitarists. Winner of the “Best interpretation Prize” in the Heitor Villalobos Guitar Competition, the Souza Lima Guitar Competition and a finalist in the Agustín Barrios International Guitar Competition Teixeira Neto has earned many accolades in Brazil and abroad.

Teixeira Neto has delighted audiences from all over the world including Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Asuncion (Paraguay), Lima (Peru), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Milan (Italy). Professor Teixeira Neto has taught master classes and workshops for events such as the International Festival of Domingos Martins, Souza Lima Festival, Fred Schneiter Competition, Vital Medeiros Seminary (Brazil), Eduardo Fabini Festival (Uruguay) and International Festival of Contemporary Music of Lima (Peru). Prox Teixiera Neto has also served as visiting professor for events such as the International Festival of Inverno Domingos Martins, Souza Lima Festival, Fred Schneiter Competition, Vital Medeiros Seminary (Brazil), Eduardo Fabini Festival (Uruguay) and International Festival of Contemporary Music of Lima (Peru). He is also the artistic director of the Maurício de Oliveira Latin American Festival and Competition.

Professor Teixeira Neto currently serves as the artistic director of Centro de Música e Artes and guitar professor at Faculdade de Música do Éspirito Santo (FAMES).

Several respected composers have written works for Teixeira Neto including Carlos Cruz, Maurício de Oliveira, Ricardo Tacuchian, Marcos Vinícius, Luis Carlos Barbieri, Marcos Zanandréa among others. Prof. Teixeira’s has released 4 recordings focused on Brazilian guitar music and other 4 focused on international music for classical guitar.  Teixeira Neto’s first CD release “Gravuras do Violão” received and award from Ministry of Culture in Espirito Santo, Brazil  (Secretaria de Cultura – SECULT – ES). His records “Serenete” e “Bande de Congos”  are distributed worldwide through amazon.com. Moacyr celebrated his 25 years as a performing artist with the release of his DVD/concert “Meu Violão…Minha Vida” (My guitar, my life).

Professor Teixeira Neto will be closing the SIU Guitar Festival with a concert and North American release of his latest CD “Over the Time” featuring works by famed Italian-Brazilian composer Marcos Vinícius.

For more info visit: https://moacyrteixeiraneto.com.br/

Santo Mauricio di Oliveira

Director of Acordes Centro de Música e Artes

Dr. Isaac Lausell

Dr. Isaac Lausell

Artistic Director (Classical & Jazz Guitar, Composition)

Isaac Lausell has been the chair of the guitar program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Music since 2012. At SIUC Lausell teaches courses in classical and jazz guitar, jazz ensembles, oversees the guitar area, performs and composes music for the jazz ensemble in residence the New Arts Jazztet.

As a recording artist and clinician, Dr. Lausell is active teaching and performing across the U.S., Latin America and Europe. He is the founder of the SIU International Guitar Festival and during the summer teaches at Festival Suoni D’Abruzzo, in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

As a writer, Dr. Lausell has developed methods for jazz improvisation and for classical guitar technique. His approach combines lute, classical and electric guitar technique along with modal, tonal and post tonal music theory models. His writings integrate various academic disciplines such as ethnomusicology, history, physical training and visual arts.

Dr. Lausell has played with artists such as the Altgeld Chamber Players, Ray Anderson, Ignacio Berroa, Coco Freeman, Kenwood Dennard, Ricky Encarnación, Jon Faddis, Frank Gambale, Eddie Gómez, Rick Latham, Eric Mandat, Matt Margvulio, Charles McPherson, Paoli Mejias, Fidel Morales, Zvonimir Tot, Marcello Pellitteri, Marco Pignataro, Proyecto EVIF, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Bill Smith, Oscar Stagnaro, Norbert Stachel, Stony Brook Baroque Players and Douglas Worthen.

For more info visit: https://www.isaaclausell.com/